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Monday, October 15, 2007

Condoleeza Rice Teams With Best Foods To Launch -- "Condoleeza Brown Rice"

Well commercial endorsements by political leaders had to happen sooner or later -- and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has signed a seven figure deal with Best Foods International to manufacture a "brown" rice product with her name and likeness on the box -- "Condoleeza Rice".

And the word is that this is just the beginning; Vice president Dick Cheney is reportedly in negotiations with the world's largest manufacturer of security fences to endorse a new advanced line which will be called "Cheney Link Titanium Fences." with the slogan "Nothing Get's Through!"

A huge deal is being negotiated between George and Laura Bush and Proctor and Gamble for the release of "George and Laura Bush Baked Beans."

And even a Supreme Court Justice is getting into the act with a six figure advance to Justice Clarence Thomas from General Foods for -- "Clarence Thomas' Whitey Boy Muffins"

House Speaker nancy Pelosi is rumored to have turned down several million dollars from Maidenform to appear in a bras commercial "The Speaker Stands Firm In Her Maidenform Bra.!" -- But negotiations continue.....

What's next? -- "Barak Obama Pancake Mix?'

Stay tuned!