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Saturday, October 13, 2007

NBC Buys Oxygen - Oprah To Launch "Sex - Bling and Cock" Channel

Oxygen Media began in February 2000 with enormous fanfare and a group of high-profile backers, chief among them Ms. Winfrey. It aimed to be a serious contender for ratings with the Lifetime Network, the leading cable channel for women.

So here is a sample of some of their most successful shows -- the ones that their "women" just love -- and which made Jeff Drecker (NBC Boss) drool and pay 925 million for it. "A perfect fit with the NBC family" - he says -- Excuse me while i puke!

Campus Ladies: The acclaimed improv comedy is back with a guest-star studded 2nd season and further adventures of suburban housewives Joan and Barri turned college party girls.
Girls Behaving Badly: Hilarious hidden camera hi-jinks from a distinctly female POV.
Absolutely Fabulous: Sin is in in this British cult hit series following extravagant Edina and her bad girl gal pal Patsy.
The Bad Girls’ Road Trip: The girls hit the road for a cross-country trip to meet each other’s friends and family, visit the other ‘bad girls’ in their hometowns and get new recruits for the second season.
The Bad Girls Club: Find out what happens when seven bad girls live under one roof in Oxygen's new reality series from the producers of Real World.
Fight Girls: Ten young female fighters live and train together for a shot at competing in the World Muay Thai championship.
Tori & Dean: Inn Love: Tori Spelling and new husband Dean McDermott go from in-crowd to inn keepers when they open a new B&B.
The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency: Model turned mogul Janice Dickinson returns with an all-new season of attitude as she strives to make her modeling agency thrive.
Tease: Lisa Rinna hosts the ultimate battle for hair supremacy as home town challengers face off against Master Stylists.
Mo'Nique's F.A.T. Chance: Comedienne Mo'Nique's televised beauty pageant for big and beautiful women. The 3rd annual pageant premieres this summer. Stay tuned.
Snapped: Oxygen's hit true-crime series profiles the fascinating cases of women accused of murder.
Captured: Captured is an engrossing true-crime series that puts women at the center of solving mysteries.
Real Weddings from the Knot: A behind-the-scenes look from the bride's point of view of what really happens during the three weeks before her wedding.

Web Only
Our Bodies, Myself: Self-help guru Lauren Butterfield hosts Oxygen's first web exclusive show celebrating all things woman -- even the parts that smell bad.

Sex & Relationships
Talk Sex: No question about love and sex is too delicate for straight-talking "Sex Grandma" Sue Johanson.

The Tyra Banks Show: The former super model's daily talk show focusing on women's dreams, hopes and challenges.

Xena: Warrior Princess: The formidable warrior princess takes on all forms of bad dudes in this cult adventure show.

Wow! -- Congratulations girls -- you certainly showed the world what American Women are made of - and stand for - and are really interested in:

Sex - Bling -- and Cock!