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Sunday, January 10, 2016

The poor schmucks are screwing themselves again! - Congratulations GOP!

The thoughtful and educated men and women who have thought deeply enough (and can read an article of more than 240 words without losing focus) about the important  short AND long term issues confronting us, mostly support Hillary and her progressive agenda which would direct much needed resources to the working poor and middle class.

BUT  the poor hard working (or trying to) average Joe and Mary shmoe who need all the collective help they can get and protection from the corporate killers and rapacious banking and finance barracudas (who think that poverty and hard times only befall the weak and the lame brained) - you know the 47% er's as Romney calls them -  are planning to vote for another asshole who will screw them royally.? (and we all know Trump is a wolf in sheep's clothing when it comes to his empathy for the "great unwashed"

What the fuck is wrong with those schmucks?

They are laughing at you all the way to the bank! SO forget that Hillary is a woman and Obama is black! Get used to the fact that you ain't gonna hit the lottery! You have enough guns -and you can buy more! Someone wants to kill an unwanted microscopic  egg - let em! (you can't stop em anyway) - You hate the Blacks and Jews and Spics and Immigrants and Queers and Liberals! -Get over it -they ain't goin away!  You want to eliminate the debt! -Don't fucking worry about it -the rich will deal with it because they have to -not those Teapot morons. Well Trump is a smart bizman! (bullshit -he's a smart money manipulator who knows zip about real wealth creation.)

You fucking need help and an even playing field and a competent caring president! Those Rich Republicans and blabber mouthing populists will say anything to win your votes. They don't care -and never have cared - One fucking bit about you struggling slobs.

Wake the fuck up!

"Snap out of it!"