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Saturday, August 04, 2007

More Damning Cunt Evidence From Rudy's Wives

NY Times Editorial Today

Animal-lovers around the nation may also be interested to know that Giuliani’s second wife once asked for $1,140 a month in dog support for Goalie, the family retriever. Or that the third Mrs. Giuliani is a former saleswoman for surgical staplers — a profession that involves demonstrations of how well the product works during unnecessary surgery on dogs.
The Giuliani campaign has dodged the question of whether Judith Nathan Giuliani ever was involved in this kind of activity, which usually ends badly for the dog in question. This week a spokesman said he didn’t know, adding: “In the 1970s that was an acceptable medical technique,” which I think we can probably take for a yes.

So- do we want a man who marries women who probably belong in mental institutions -- to be walking around with a suitcase with nuclear attack codes in it?

Can world leaders - many who are now thankfully women -- respect a United States president with a cunty wife?

Sorry Rudy -- we need a leader who knows a cunt when he sees one - I'm switching to Hillary!

It takes one to know one.