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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Steven Spielberg and Robin Williams Recreate Mohammad

Steven Spielberg, addressing a group of leaders in the Entertainment industry summed up their mission and conference objective:

"We will use all our acquired skills in manipulating people to stare at TV and Computer and Game screens for over seventy hour a week --- to bring about world peace -- starting in Iraq!"

"Our first mission --using the illusionary magic skills of David Blackstone  - will be to project a life like image of the Prophet Mohammad in the skies over The Arab World, where he will proclaim to his followers that suicide bombing and the killing of innocents is absolutely prohibited by the Koran "

 i am way better looking than that camel driver
Mohammad will proclaim "there are tens of thousands of you nasty fucking misbelieving Muslims who sit in boiling pig fat 24/7 -- who thought they would be boffing Virgins in Paradise? --   HEY - are you fucking nuts? -- Read my words! -- WHERE does it say you are too act like deranged and cruel slaughtering monkeys in the name of Allah?"

Spielberg , in closing said "Mohammad is really pissed and wer'e going to help him get the message out'' and as a matter of fact who else would the wise Prophet turn too in helping his people -- than the Jews in Hollywood (irony worthy of Woody Allen),

Casting for the Voice of Mohammad -- i vote for Robin Williams --