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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Arab Muslims are Constipated says New Study

A study designed to analyze the roots of violence in the Arab Muslim World has concluded that sixt -nine percent of this group suffer from extreme constipation.

"Dr Moishe Pipick stated " these folks are really ungershtupped (stuffed up ) -- and you don't have to be a Rocket Scientist to know how that can affect your behavior, and more importantly the attitude and actions of their violent Religious leaders who are already very ungershtupped, and in a culture where most people believe their bullshit (oops) to begin with."

President Bush responded by saying: "If taking a good dump will help these folks chill out then lets drop a whole shit-load (forgive the pun) of Stooly Softeners on the Region ".

Tom Friedman,reknowned columnist for The New York Times and respected authority on the Middle East said: "So that's it! - iv'e spent twenty five years trying to analyze and figure out what's wrong with these people and here we have it,and now it makes perfect sense -- they just need to take a good shit -- especially the Mullahs."