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Monday, June 22, 2015

St.Paul is a Distant Relative of Rue Paul

Ever wonder why archtetypes in western thought like - Eve, Sarah, Hagar, Esther -Heroic Jewish women of the old testament - have no similar role models in the Christian Bible?

 St Paul shoulda come out the closet and saved a lot of strife!

Well -let's look at Gay St. Paul ( ancient relative of famous transgender Rue Paul)

"The war that went on between what he desired with his mind and what he desired with his body, his drivenness to a legalistic religion of control, his fear when that system was threatened, his attitude toward women, his refusal to seek marriage as an outlet for his passion -- nothing else accounts for this data as well as the possibility that Paul was gay."

 Relaltive of Rue Paul
SO what we have is the architect of The catholic Church as a frustrated gay bashing self hating gay man  building gay bashing and mysogeny into The Bible

"To me it is a beautiful idea that a homosexual male, scorned then as well as now, living with both the self-judgment and the social judgments that a fearful society has so often and unknowingly pronounced upon the very being of some of its citizens, could nonetheless, not in spite of this but because of this, be the one who would define grace for the Christian people. 

Grace was the love of God, an unconditional love, that loved Paul just as he was. A rigidly controlled gay male, I believe, taught the Christian church what the love of God means and what, therefore, Christ means as God's agent. Finally, it was a gay male, tortured and rejected, who came to understand what resurrection means as God's vindicating act."
-- Michael Grant