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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Famous Comic starts Iraqui Tour

Ascerbic satirist George Carlin is headed for Baghdad -- and not to entertain the troops:

" My objective is to poke fun at the whole ridiculous Sunni/Shiite hatred thing. You gotta know these poor bastards are miserable; they have sweaty unsanitary sex with a pile of rags ( you know that Burkhah schmata which is their women's version of Victoria's Secrets) -- no jobs and no money and they drink twenty cups of coffee a day --and they all have bombs and guns"

he went on; "illiterate -- always hungry -- no toilet paper and their revered Religious leaders tell them they can enter Paradise by blowing up people! So what's a guy to do?"

"Their kids stink and have flies in their eyes and sores on their asses and they cry constantly -- no water or electricity, and the poor schmucks don't even drink or get high "

"What they need are some Comedy Clubs and some laughs and iv'e got some grant money from GW" He told me "George, you crack Laura and me up -- i want you to go to Iraq and see if you can make some attitude adjustments with your humor.

"Wish me luck -- i think i'll start out with "So Mohammed walks into a bar and an old jew says......"