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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bandit Bulletin -- Answer To Iraqi Quagmire --North Korea

Ok -- Bush and the neocons went in and fucked up everything possible. and bullshit and incompetence and misguided ideology ruled and are still the order of the day.

We killed a ton of Innocent people and displaced all the good and competent Iraqis --and strengthened all our enemies and pissed off most of our friends and allies --and threw away billions on wasted projects -and tens of thousands of brave young Americans got wasted and mutilated.

But --But -- But a very cool thing happened! We have established a central battlefield in which to take on the asshole Jihadis and crazed Muslims -- who for whatever fucked up reasons have crawled out of their shitholes to come kill us Infidels in Iraq.

So --let's kill as many of these death worshiping youngsters as possible,as fast as possible, for as long as it takes --- ten or twenty or one-hundred years,like in Europe in the good old days. --But -- NOT with American soldiers!

What? --here's how.-- We go to Il Jong Dingdong the mad fucked up leader of North Korea and offer to pay him one dollar per soldier per day for one million of his craziest gooks!

Now --these soldiers will kill extremists 24/7 and love it just to get three squares of USA military rations. On top of that they will be warm for the first time in their lives. (and maybe we throw in some hookers for every twenty Jehad's tongues or forty balls they bring in.)

Il Jong Dingdong will love the cash and we'll even increase the supply of French cognac and hot pussy and caviar that he craves --and like i said, he won't have to pay his gook Iraqi army a dime.(and we will save a fortune and our troops can come home.)

Everyone will report to General Petraeus so things don't get out of our control and supervision because when the gooks get through we will want to "save the hearts and minds" of the two or three hundred normal Iraquis that will be left.

Pretty cool -- huh?

Oh - and if the North Koreans need some backup --we buy a shitload of crazed brothers from The Congo. (that might be too cruel though)