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Friday, July 27, 2007

South Koreans Should Wear Dresses

And --along with Italy who caved into a Taliban hostage threat,thus releasing the mad dog in charge of the South Korean hostage taking, should try and figure out just when and where they lost their balls.

Their response should be: "You kill our hostages and we will send one-hundred thousand of the fiercest gooks on earth over to Afghanistan."

Jesus Christ has history taught us nothing? --There should be one million troops from all over the world in Iraq and in Afghanistan -- are we going to let maniacs run roughshod over a civilized world with vast technological and manpower superiority.

Are the UK and The USA the only governments with balls left on earth?

These people are fucking serious -- it's only a matter of time before they hit with WMD -- and you want to see death and chaos and goodbye TV and shopping?

These crazy bastards need to be overwhelmed with force and rage and our own brand of no holds barred -- zero tolerance cruelty!

The fucking Italians better reread the history of the Roman Empire --these Muslim sickos make the Vandals and Goths look like punk rock bands -- and they had bows and arrows, not nuclear and biological weapons -- and they didn't like to die.

And the South Koreans should harken back to those happy days when the Japs were fucking their women and children in the ass for fun -- the Taliban make the world War Two Japs rook (ha) like girl scouts -- and it's "Oh please -- pretty please release our hostages."

Are you fucking nuts or delusional? Where are your warrior balls? --You better go and find them or islamic fascism will stick them in your mouths after they cut off your heads.

No wonder we have to keep fifty thousand American troops in South Korea to protect our pansy allies from North Korea. Maybe it's all that shitty food?