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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Drunken Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Say's America's Black Slaves Were Lucky Ones

Clarence Thomas set off some fireworks at a fourth of july cocktail party when in a drunken rage he screamed; "The blacks are always saying i'm an uncle Tom and a disgrace to my race because i don't manipulate the power of the constitution to save their lazy black asses!"

A guest at the party said he ranted on and on;"These are the same type of niggas who picked on me as a kid for being too black, and then later said i was a traitor for marrying a white woman --they just a bunch of drug addicts and ignorant loafers who are damn lucky to have gotten the hell out of that shithole Africa -- compliments of the slave trade."

Thomas who was confirmed by the slimmest margin in history (one vote) to the Supreme Court, after reports surfaced about his love of pornography and sexual harrassment of his law school colleague Anita Hill; has taken every opportunity as a justice to block affirmative action on behalf of minorities and has been a staunch conservative and strict constructionist -- in lock step with Anthony Scalia.

"Seventy five percent of the blacks who were shipped out of Africa as slaves would have died of aids or someother nasty tropical disease -- or been killed by some other murderous nigger -- or been eaten by a crocodile or whatever else kind of stinking creature what lives in their rotten filthy jungles!" -- he ranted, -- and when his white wife tried to calm him down he shouted at her; "Shut up you white whore - when we get home i'll drive my Anaconda (a huge black snake) up your butt!"

"Those blackass liberals like Rev Sharpton would probably have had their nuts cut off by some wabboongi or Tutu or Hutu or You Tu, instead of getting to make excuses for niggas who leave their families and do dope and crime instead of getting educated and working to survive against all odds - like me."

The anonymous party guest stated; "He was really drunk and pissed off about the article that leaked out on digibandit.com about his beating off under his robe while in judicial hearings --and that being the reason he has never asked a question from the bench."

He yelled ''Some lousy nigger leaked that story to the bandit -- a no good motherfucker who just wants everything handed to him on a silver platter -- maybe these dumb fucks should pay back the USA for getting their relatives out of that shithole deathtrap of a black continent where they would have starved their black asses to death instead of eating themselves into diabetes and hypertension and obesity at Mc Donalds!"

When chief justice John Roberts got wind of the drunken incident with his associate he said; "Oh ,heh heh heh -- ole Clarence was just letting off a little July Fourth steam -- that's just part of the good old American spirit and tradition --heh heh heh!"

Happy Holiday!