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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Barak Obama Is White Says Geneticist -- Hillary claims she's half black!

The bandit has learned from a medical source close to the Obama family that Barak became very enamored with Michael Jackson as a teenager and began to use a similar whitening pigmentation product similar to Jackson's over a prolonged period!

"He even thought about changing his name to Lance Barak" - said Dr. Maury Goldfarb. There has been no comment from the Obama camp but Hillary Clinton said in response to this amazing story: "Well, i have my own announcement to make that's quite a shocker -- i am half black! -- so how about that my brothas and sistas?"

"The Reverend Al Sharpton said: "Barak trying to pass as a honky just shows how much racial dysfunction there is in America -- next we'll find out that Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice are closet honky's too --but i'm pretty sure about Clarence Thomas and Alan Iverson"

he went on; "And all the ignorant rednecks will be sittin around today in eugenics heaven -- I can hear them now down at the shitbird cafe in Alabama having coffee after just slappin their wives around and violating their chldren ; "Yep bubba - i knew them uppity negroes was part white -- well ole Strom woulda taken care of them all if it weren't for those kikes up in Himey Town"

The Rev,Sharpton concluded;"And if Hillary Clinton is half black i will eat her pussy in Macy's window!"