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Friday, October 05, 2007

Blackwater Is Like Santa Clause Compared To Iraqi Leaders

"We have 1,000 guys out in the field. People make mistakes, they do stupid things sometimes."ERIK D. PRINCE, chief executive of Blackwater USA, which is under scrutiny for shootings by its employees in Iraq.

So Mr. Nuri al Maliki - Prime Minister of Iraq - what kind of men do you think are willing and able to guard the high level officials who are trying to save your asses - in the middle of a Muslim slaughter pit?

The shit hits the fan every once in a while because one of your fellow countrymen is hanging around on every fucking corner waiting to kill someone because they have nothing better to do.

Millions of innocent men women and children have been killed or wounded or uprooted -- your government is totally corrupt and dysfunctional -- and your whining about an unfortunate and non deliberate violent accident by individuals hired by a country that will soon have spent a trillion dollars and the lives of four-thousand great soldiers to deliver you from a madman -and give you a shot at a real life?

How about standing up -will someone -anyone -stand up and start screaming about the fuckers killing everyone in sight -day in and day out -- because of some argument fourteen hundred years ago about who should report directly to God!

How about we agree it should be Bugs Bunny --and then you can all go back to the Bronze Age and give it another try --Asshole!

The only more delusional asshole than you is George Bush!

Whew - i feel a lot better now --it's Miller time!