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Friday, January 30, 2009

Escort Services Thrive During Collapse of Economy

Figures released today by the world wide prostitution tracking agency - 'Global Hooker Data Inc.'- show that Escort Services - and even low level street prostitution is thriving - during this global financial collapse.

Meyer Pinsky - a jeweler from Bensonhurst in brooklyn N.Y seemed to sum up the situation:

"Hey look - it's like this - i can't afford to take my Ruthy and the kids out on the town anymore! - i mean the only folks buying jewelry these days are the pimps - and that makes sense - because - well take me for example,

For a hundred bucks i get my clock cleaned by a sexy young professional - and i feel like a new man. It costs twice as much to take out the familyAnd - it's a real strain with the money being tight and all - and i don't even get a decent blow job from my Ruthy."

Another interesting trend that the research showed - was that a significant number of men and women are starting to turn tricks as an income generating alternative to the weak job market.

Listen up Obama! - maybe it's time to provide vocational training money and tax credits in the stimulus package for future hookers?