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Saturday, January 31, 2009

G.W Bush America's Greatest President -Including Lincoln

The only free election Iraqi's had under Sadam was which one of their children to send to the palace for a rape fest presided over by his two psycho sons.

It's been messy as hell - but when the smoke clears we will have a Democratic Arab country (formerly an oxymoron) and an ally instead of a fascist and rabid dystopian bunch of mad dogs with a huge army - contantly threatening their neighbors and terrorizing it's population.

Oh - and all this post economic collapse moola that will be flowing into programs and the pockets of needy Americans? - It's forthcoming only because the Bushies fucked up the economy so bad.

Doubling the education budget - medicaid - unemployment - pell grants - stem cell research - condoms for all - tax cuts - infrastructure - new pro union and civil rights legislation -infrastructure spending- the list of lower and middle class goodies is huge! (and needed for sure)

But - none of that money and none of those new social programs would have been passed in a fifty years - without the mess that GW made of the country and the Republican Party.

And - many folks think he did it on purpose because he promised Billy Graham (and Laura) that he would he would do something "Christian" for Humanity (to make up for his early "happy" years")

Now Lincoln and Washington and Teddy and Franklin ..... -- They were great Presidents too!

But - they just don't come close to the amazing achievements of good old G.W Bush!