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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ariel Sharon Had Erection All During Gaza Strike

Dr.Moishe Pipick the attending physician to former Israeli Prime Minister and highly decorated general - Ariel Sharon - made a startling announcement today from the revered warriors bedside , who has been in a coma for nine months now:

" I was checking on his vital signs two weeks ago - and just as the news of our blitz on Hamas came over the airwaves - He got a huge hard - on!"

"The Doctor continued; "He was smiling - and as each new wave of our attack was announced - his erection grew bigger and harder!"

"We had to pack his huge member in ice for fear that it might explode - and finally when the truce was announced - his penis returned to normal."

Dr. Pipick concluded; "He was israeli's greatest warrior - and even in his coma - he is fighting alonside our brave men and women."

"Oh and lately i have noticed his cock is stirring a bit - so Hamas better be careful!"

Can you imagine when the Israeli's finally take out the Iranian plutonium enrichment sites?

Sharon's putz will go nuclear!