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Saturday, February 14, 2009

U.S Unemployed Hump Like Muslims and Africans

I always wondered why Arab and African countries had such huge birth rates.

I mean - terrible sanitary conditions - no air conditioning (in stifling heat and humidity) - tremendous rates of infection due to ignorance and lack of medical attention - no beds - no privacy :

Stinky and sweaty and weak from lack of nutrition - but these guys can't stop fucking the ugliest nastiest women on the planet?

Well now we have the answer! - Dr. Moishe Pipick, head of cultural anthropology at the United Nations Center For Reproductive Studies - announced today in Berne Switzerland:

"The historically low United States birth rate has soared during their economic collapse!"

He stated;"At their current rate of reproduction the United States is approaching third world levels -and this will seriously add to their societal challenges - specifically - increased carbon footprints and family trauma - along with child and spousal abuse - economic hardship and resource drainage."

Digibandit cultural analyst -Elise mandelbaum - asked Dr. Pipick, "To what do you attribute the high birth rate increases?"

He replied; "Just like in the Arab and African countries - a man with nothing better to do - will fuck a snake!"

I should have known it - just look around.