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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Endangered Homeowners Should Take In Prisoners

Hey - with one in thirty two 'Folks" on probation or incarcerated in the good ole USA (most for non -violent crimes)- at an average annual cost in Federal prison of over 50k per year - why not let homeowners who can't make their payments:

Get paid by Uncle Sam to house them!

The average homeowner could take two prisoners for say half of what the Fed pays out - and have enough income to pay the mortgage - and enough left over to go shopping,

The prisoners would have a chance to acclimate back into society in a way that might cut down on recidivism -saving society a ton of grief and money.

And - Team Obama would get enough savings to complete health Care reform.

Hey - this may be the digibandit's best idea for saving America - since recommending Bernie Madoff for Treasury Secretary.

(Oh -and the government would pay a hefty premium for homeowners who house violent prisoners - of course)