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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fox TV Announces -"Spot The Pigs" -Starring Maury Povich

Moishe Pipick - head of program development at Fox television announced an exciting new reality program today - which will star Maury (bang bang) Povich.

"Maury is perfect for this show! - and we are so excited to see him back on prime time tv - and he has promised not to fuck any of the production staff - and - oh - here's theshow's premise;"

"Ten women - covered in those schmata robes that the Arab Muslim men think are so attractive - will be questioned by several couples who will compete - through their questioning and analysis - to figure out which one of the women is a georgeous'Piece of Ass' ( as we say in the trade)."

Pipick continued his show description; - "Nine of the women are "Pigs" - hence the name "Spot the Pigs" - and the couple who picks the one 'Piece of Ass' wins unbelievable prizes and lots of cashola"

"The couples are allowed to look at baby pictures of the women - pictures of their parents - and get to meet and question their boyfriends and/or husbands and past lovers - and they can ask them to move around and dance and - can ask questions about their sex lives - etcetera."

"Point being - as an example - that if you ask a women wether she's ever had anal sex - and her eyes kinda roll around in a weird kinda way under the burka - like it's a horrible thought - well you might deduce that she has an ass like a beer barrel -which no guy would want to stick his pecker in:

'Well you get the point (oops a pun) - and Maury will of course be adding to the fun as only he can do - and boy when those robes come off - it's gonna be a riot! - and very dramatic and exciting."

"Oh - and all the pigs get an extreme makeover as a prize - and the 'Piece of Ass' gets a role in a porno movie."

Pipick concluded; "We wanted to call the show "Pick the Piece of Ass" -but our network censors thought it was anti- feminist."