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Monday, March 23, 2009

USA Should Issue "Breeding Visas"

By 2030 - the United States (Los Unidos Estatos) will be sixty eight percent (and growing) Hispanic - sooooooooooooo:

Just Remember - as the current congress frets about the future indebtiness of their lily white grandkids - it's the working class Hispanics - with their high fertility rates and condom averse Catholicism - that will be paying for all these bailouts and programs - and the festival of freebies that the Democrats are hosting.

Sooooo - let's get off the backs of our super generous latino brothers and sisters - legal and illegal alike - because THEIR grandchildren are going to do most of the paying for all the freebies and bailouts - and all the funny money that's flying out of the Treasury and Federal Reserve - As we speak!

Let's encourage more of our latino brothers and sisters to cross the border - and open our borders to all ethnic groups with solid track records of bountiful procreation - and supercharged fertility rates.

I say -If they can knock out a quick batch of future American loan repayers - let em in -come on in and join the party!

If a couple - has - say - five or six young children - and one in the oven - and you want into "Debtland America" - C'mon in - go to the head of the line - we can sure use your future debt repayers.

 SO -Let's issue  "Breeding Visas!" - if you agree to have a child every eighteen months - and you don't fall behind in your reproduction - and you agree to keep your "Repayers" in the USA for say 30 years:Your In! - Welcome To America!

It's a sensible solution in keeping with the great American tradition of letting the people who can least afford it - pay the bills!