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Friday, September 25, 2009

Glen Beck Say's Sarah Palin Has Rotton Pussy

'When i woke after a night of humping Sarah Palin - I thought for a minute that i woke up in an Eskimo fishing village after they had just finished cleaning their Salmon catch." - Said Beck after returning from Wasilla where he was shooting wolves from a helicoptor with Sarah and Todd.

He said;"I really don't find her attractive but Todd begged me to fuck her because he hurt his dick while fucking an Elk -and he said Sarah is so horny she is starting to eye her children and has already raped their old Eskimo housekeeper"

"Wow -But he didn't tell me what a rotton pussy she has! - I only hope my dick doesn't fall off?"

He concluded "Sarah needs to douche with something really strong -or maybe use some kind of flamethrower up her hole ?"