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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pastor Rick Warren Guilty Of Masturbation Genocide

What's that! - The Pastor who presided at Obama's inauguration - Who has the largest Christian Congregation on earth (The Saddleback Church)-Who wrote "The Purpose Driven Life" -which has outsold the Bible:

Guilty of genocide?--- Absolutely and here's why!

He told David Gregory on "Meet The Press" -- "There has been a genocide of sixty million souls - those who have been aborted since the Roe V Wade decision.

OK -so since Ricky equates a women's decision to have some microscopic cells scraped from her uterus- or the early growth of an embryo- both of which represent the "POTENTIAL" for human life - with genocidal murder:

I hence assume he believes that GOD is saying ""Uh Uh Don't fuck with MY zygotes - i gave you humans sperm and eggs and they are to be used for procreation only - or you are guilty of murder -- oooooooooooooooooooooooooh!"

Now for those of us who believe that "LIfe" begins when their is sentience and follow our ethical and moral precepts guided by medical science and common sense and with respect for a women's privacy - well - we are on a plane with Adolph Eichmann and Hitler et.al -and are killing little humans daily .(fortunately in the good ole USA as opposed to Saudi Arabia or even the USA prior to the separation of Church and State)) We heathens don't have to receive our morality direct from the tooth fairy)

Oh -and Ricky boy just stands there and preaches while genocide is occuring all around him - (kinda like the Church did during the lesser Holocaust of a mere six million Jews)

Anyway -back to Pastor Rick's complicity in personal genocidal homicide - BECAUSE - if destroying the POTENTIAL for life (as opposed to the secular view of when LIFE ACTUALLY begins) IS on a moral plain with "MURDER"- in the eyes of GOD -and as Pastor Ricky says :

THEN (ta da) - every time Rick Warren jerked off - he commited "MURDER"-according to the Bible and in the eyes of GOD!

As a million sperm cells carrying the potential for life flew onto his belly - Pastor Rick - Along with all the other murderous masturbating Christians - destroyed the potential for life in the eyes of god:

As surely as did the SS officer who shoved my Aunt Tanta and her three little girls into the ovens at Auswich)

So - first of all Ricky -YOU are going to HELL! -And secondly -you are going to the hottest part of HELL - Because you stood by and watched sixty million human beings being slaughtered since Roe V Wade and did shit!

Oh - and i won't even get into what St. Thomas Aquinas would say about when you good Christians become guilty of such genocide in the eyes of GOD - BUT FYI -It would be when you begin -in good conscience - to plan on how to frustrate the insemination process with your onerous anti ovulation trickery - Which is SO transparent to your God (and REALLY pisses him off)