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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Final Nail In Republican Coffin

The same group of stinking fat cats and conservatives voted for the Fugitive Slave act - Plessy Ferguson and against all attempted Civil Rights legislation - They tried to block Suffrage and the New Deal and every attempt by Progressives to help labor and the poor and the disenfranchised - ever since the inception of our representative Democracy

Bibles in hand they are pro gun -pro unwanted life -pro war (any war)-anti immigration -anti minimum wage equity - anti environment and anti intellectual and anti science.

They hate gays - and they worship an out of control and unregulated financial system that brought us to the brink of economic collapse.

They never said boo when GW drove up the deficit and federal spending to record levels -AND:

Now the whole batch of them has voted against Health Care Reform! - a political strategy to stop the progress being made across the board by a brilliant President who they hate.

And who is on the way to restoring this nation to place of dignity and promise in the World -Abandoned during the Dark Ages of Republican rule under that moron GW.

Adios rednecks!- You're finished! -Health Care Reform is on the way!