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Monday, January 11, 2010

Fox TV Announces " Drunken Irish Beach House"

"If you think MTV's "Jersey Shore," starring the "hottest, tannest, craziest Guidos" around as they wade (carefully) through the (dirty) water and step (gingerly) on the (needle-ridden) sand on their way to down Jagerbombs -- is the stuff that hits are made from -just wait until you see what a drunken group of "Micks" are up to when they frolic in THEIR beach house in Sea Gate NJ (AKA The Irish Riviera) -on the Southern Jersey Shore."

So said Mike Schlocker President of Fox Tv Reality -he continued:

"Hey -no matter how raunchy and macho crazed and out of control the Wops are -they they are still the descendents of the folks who conquered the known world and pulled Europe out of the Dark Ages and gave us DaVinci and Michaelangelo - and even the guy who DISCOVERED The Jersey Sre!"

Schlocker went on "These wops always maintain a modicum of culture and family and even decency in their overall behavior -and they can all cook like Chefs and deep down (no matter how fucked up they get) -- they respect women because well -they all have Grandmothers like Mother Theresa and fathers like Michael Corleone.

He said "BUT -the white trash Micks have absolutely NO sense of propriety or even humanity after their first case of beer!"(82%of ther fathers are alcoholics and 68% of their mothers -according to latest research polls)

'I mean - A Wop might get into a fight and slap his chick and tear up the joint -but then he settles down with a nice espresso and some anisette- smokes a camel and takes his chick to bed and fucks her like a Stallion"

"BUT - With the Mick drunkards it's just non stop puking and breaking shit and then out looking for Jews and Blacks and Homos to beat up -and then it's home for more puking -and then they fall asleep while their girlfriends go out to find an Italian to fuck them silly!"

"I mean" continued Schlocker: "Is this not the stuff that great Fox Reality hits are made of?"

"I would say -Yes! -Definitely -and next season how about "Nigga Beach House In ASbury Park"