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Friday, October 26, 2012

USA Network Goes heavy into Sexual Content

Lots of development news from USA Network, as the network ordered  Transgender Partners In Crime to series, All In Your Wife's Pussy to pilot and the project The Cornholing Cowboy Way (wt) is moving into development.  Partners In Crime is a docu-soap featuring criminal defense attorney, Mario Gallucci and his partner, Big Lou Gelormino who are partners in the courtroom as well as best friends and specialize in lawsuits where transgender couples have been sexually violated -  Peacocksucker Productions is producing for a 2013 premiere.  

All In is about Brandon Lang, a successful betting handicapper and in the pilot episode, Lang will knock on the door of an unsuspecting American family with a suitcase full of cash and offers to exchange it for sexual favors for his gang .   Studio Pussylatka is producing with Brian Snatchman and Lois Curren as executive producers.  

The Cornholing Cowboy Way is a docu-series following the lives of men and women who work on a Texas cattle ranch and love to cornhole cattle and each other.  Raw TV is producing.  In addition, Bride or Best Cock Man from Shed Media begins production next month on a pilot.

Television just keeps getting better - so stay tuned -  don't move - get some more chips and beer and don't worry - be happy!