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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Huge Breaking News -- Bush to join combat unit

President Bush announced this morning that he will begin to serve active front-line military duty in Iraq.

He will be posted,immediately, to a front line combat unit as an infantry pvc in a rifle squad under an undisclosed Sergeant.

He has been taking private basic training , the standard 8 week course,in the White House basement with a Marine drill instructor and has qualified as a marksman with an M15 rifle.

This was kept top secret until he announced his new "Surge" strategy
and he now stated "i knew i had to put my balls on the line to sell this critical new war plan to the American People."

VP Cheney will be given the "black box" and is standing by in a secret location for immediate notification if i am killed or disabled.

"I know the Lord is with me and i am prepared to enter heaven and wait there for Laura and the kids if i have to pay the ultimate sacrifice for my country"
"oh -- and bring em on -- cause those killers ain't seen nothing more dangerous than a President from Texas with a liscence to kill"

Tony Snow -- White House press secretary in a surprise off camera reaction said "holy shit - he's fucking crazy"

Stay tuned for more on this extraodinary exclusive from the Digibandit.