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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Dead Human Fetus' Great Source Of Fertilizer Says WTO

The World Trade Organization has discovered that fetal tissue is a cheap and wonderful source of plant fertilizer. Arnold Stang,head of agriculture for the WTO, whose objective is to discover new and efficient ways to raise crops and feed the growing number of people suffering from malnutrition in the world said: "We discovered that rural Chinese farmers who had aborted girl babies, following Chinese government birth control policy; were grinding up the fetus' and spreading them over their fields -- with amazing results! -- Fields cultivated with the "fetus soil" had a three hundred percent increase in harvest yields, and the villagers developed resistance to some fatal diseases."

He continued: "Their are over one-hundred million abortions in the world annually, and if we set up an effective manufacturing and distribution system to turn all those fetus' into fertilizer --we can solve world hunger in a flash! -- and from a moral point of view, those folks who might have some misgivings about abortion will know that their dead babies helped some poor starving souls to get proper nutrition."

Furthermore, he went on;" It's also conceivable that we could have the beginning of a whole new industry here! -- Poor people with no skills but who can breed like rabbits could be compensated for their aborted fetus.' -- It's estimated that a ground up fetus from the late second tri-mester weighing around two pounds can fertilize a four acre plot -- it's powerful stuff -- and that's significant crop coverage, and with no pesticides or carbon based fertilizer."

He said: "In the USA alone, there are over three million abortions a year that we know of -- hell. they could crank up that fetus production to ten times that amount with proper incentives just for the Black and Hispanic populations. They would make money -- climb out of poverty -- feed the world needy and have a fun time doing it. (a pun) -- It's a total win win situation!"

And the Supreme Court can't do a fucking thing about it! -- So throw away your condoms -- have a few cocktails -- and start producing some kick ass "Fetus Soil" fertilizer. --For fun and profit and the world's starving folks.