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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jerry Falwell Get's Shocking Welcome From God

Walking through the pearly gates on his way to see the “Big Guy” in the sky -- The Rev was probably a little bit confused by the fact that the two Angels escorting him were black cross-dressers.

He probably thought they were doing subservient penance acting as lowly couriers for righteous and pious folks like himself -- on the way to a big good old boy sitdown with God himself and then on to his comfortable quarters in Paradise -- surrounded by all his redneck friends and family and colleagues.

Well confusion must have turned into shock; when he was brought before the Creator of the Universe who was lying on a red chaise lounge getting a blow job -- surrounded by a gaggle of Hasidic Jews pointing to and laughing at him -- a group of Hispanics watching a cock fight, and a posse of homeboys shooting hoops with the spectators all boozing it up and smoking weed.

“Good God” said ole Jerry -- “Am I in hell?” -- The Big Guy just leaned back and smiled and replied; “Nope ,not yet -- but you will be in about five minutes! I just wanted the folks youv’e been shitting over -- for your whole delusional misguided and pitiful life of intolerance and bigotry; to see what happens -- firsthand, to all those who turn “love thy neighbor” into:

“Love thy neighbor if he agrees with your stupid bullshit and he’s the same color and the same religion” -but -- “Fuck every body who is different up the ass in an orgasmic celebration of intolerance –hypocrisy – iignorance and plain old fashioned blind hatred.”

So -- youv’e been misrepresenting my principles for so long now that I have prepared a special place for you in hell! - You are going to be Martin Luther King’s personal “bitch” for all eternity! -- and Martin has assured me that he has a very interesting agenda which you will be following -- FOREVER!

So long Jer -- hope you brought along some “ass cream.”