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Friday, May 04, 2007

'Neglect Your Kid's And Do Time" Say's Rudy Giuliani

Responding to all the liberal whining,in the wake of surging gang violence across the country; that poor folks have to work three jobs and aren't around for their kids and Bush has cut neighborhood programs so these poor neglected kids have nothing to do but rape mame and murder with their unsupervised time.

"Let me see if i understand?"said Rudy -- "Okay Mamacita," says the poor schmuck husband. We are so poor, and have no skills and have to work like dogs to barely survive -- hey, but i have a perfect solution! --let's lay down on the floor and fuck like rabbits and bring some kids into the world without any means to provide basic parenting (or even proper nutrition or security)"

"Ok folks -- i hate to bore you with the age old conservative 'personal responsibility' thing; but holy shit ! Are we fucking nuts! -- if you blatantly neglect your kids and they commit a crime, do to that neglect -- then you should do THEIR time!"

He continued; "If your poor lost and neglected kid climbs through a window and sticks his fourteen year old pecker into eighty year old becky Greenbaum; and then steals a car and terrorizes the hood with his fellow gang bangers to celebrate the event -- arrest the parents!"

Rudy went on to thunderous applause at a rally in LA; "There will never be enough cops and recreation centers and social workers and teachers to replace the responsibility every person has to take care of his own shit in a totally free and open society. - And there's a price tag! -- personal responsibility --or else!"

"And the liberals in Greenwich Connecticut and Pacific Palisades and Oak lawn et al. --will all be wimpering;" said Rudy "Oh that wop tyrant Giuliani -- he doesn't believe in attacking the root social causes and that Government should address these issues yadadadada."

'Bullshit " said Rudy, "i certainly do! -- but i reiterate; there will never be enough resources to ultimately stop the growing Army of neglected young psychopaths who are slowly headed for your rich enclaves; - to rape and sodomize your daughters at the local tennis club -- to eat your four thousand dollar cockapoos; and to shit in your swimming pools where your dead husbands will be floating around -- waiting for you to arrive from the spa so they can watch your landscapers fuck you to death and burn down your thirty thousand square foot --Ivory Tower."

"Did anyone see "Children of Men?' --he concluded.