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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Some Chick Messed Up God --Really Bad!

Los Angeles Times -- today: "Gender issues nix interfaith soccer" -filed
from Times Wire Reports --Norway ;

"A soccer game between Muslim imams and Christian priests at the end of a conference in Oslo to promote interfaith dialogue was cancelled because the teams could not agree on whether women should take part.

A Church of Norway spokesman said the imams refused to play against a co-ed team because of their belief in avoiding physical contact with unrelated women. The Church decided to drop its female players'but the priests' team captain left in protest."

Imams and Priests! -- spiritual leaders and interpreters of the word of God for billions of faithful followers.

The Imams practice polygamy and believe that women should be partially seen and not heard unless their bent over a washtub with a dick in their hole - moaning! And the priests' think a twelve year old boy is a piece of ass (and no women priests allowed- of course.)

These imbalanced tyrants get their marching orders directly from God so as the old saying goes, "the fish stinks from the head down." -- And that means that God is a misogynist (women hater).

Some chick must have really fucked over God!I can just hear the conversation; "You know God, your'e a nice guy with a lot of power but it's just not happening for me," -- and God wails like a big pussy; "but-- but -- i love you --i need you -- i can give you everything! --please don't leave me!"

Standard chick reply; "Sorry God but i like you as a friend but not in That way! -- can't we just be friends." And God replies in what becomes 'The Religious Leader's Basic Guideline and Handbook for the Treatment of all Women" --- "You are all sluts and cannot be trusted and i fucking hate you --you rotten cunt -- no woman will ever get a chance to fuck me over again and i didn't love you anyway you filthy no good black hearted cunt bitch."

God got pussy whipped and now his team leaders are getting even. ( but Hillary Clinton - TheAvenging Warrior Queen -- will change all that!