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Monday, September 10, 2007

Get Involved or Keep Getting Fucked Like The Sheep You Are!

Here's how easy it is -- Google up "Find My Legislators" -let them know what they have to do to get your vote - pick an issue (mine is anti terrorism related as reflected in my email to my Congressman -Henry Waxman - see below) - Maybe yours is "We want peyote legalized in Cali" or "Legalized marriage with Pets" or "Let's Buy Mexico" -- but if you don't get involved and vote and stay on top of these assholes -you fucking deserve to become extinct.

To Congressman Henry Waxman(30th congressional California) and Senators Boxer and Feinstein:

The article about terrorist training camps ,in the wake of the thwarted German attacks, in yesterdays NY Times should be the final wake -up call for you people to make their elimination your number one priority. What in the hell are we doing -- asking for it! They are operating with relative impunity -- i'm no fanatic -as a matter of fact i share and admire your political philosophy. But --Sir - this has to be a day in and day out effort -- radical measures must be taken (hold a press conference and make yourself heard) Blow Waziristan off the damn map if you have to -- it's just a matter of time and it's an existential threat - and we know they are there! This is what wer'e talking about out here -we don't get the lack of urgency about these training camps.

A concerned citizen and voting constituent