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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Tony Soprano ( JamesGandolfini) Would Wack Thompson And Osama

Fred (Law and Order) Thompson told the press yesterday:

“I think bin Laden is more of a symbolism than he is anything else,” Mr. Thompson drawled. “Bin Laden being in the mountains of Afghanistan or — or Pakistan is not as important as the fact that there’s probably Al Qaeda operatives inside the United States of America.”

And Tony Soprano responded; "A guy puts a hit on your family for no good business reason -- just for laughs - and you let him get away wit it?"

This guy Thompson thinks just like a DA - he's ready to plea bargain. Well this ain't "Law and Order!"

"Are you fucking kidding me ? -- I think Fred musta been in on it to talk like that --maybe we should wack him along with Bin Laden and his whole fucking Muslim family!"

"And when my boys get him -- and they will !(we are already having conversations with some of his two -hundred kids) he is going to beg for death! -- We will work him over with a blow torch and when he passes out we'll give him a transfusion so he can start screaming again (is that considered torture? - i'll ask my consigliere.). " -- "Yo Silvio --that's not torture is it?"

"Oh - and these guys like blowing things up! -- Well they don't know shit about that!" So said the frontrunning Democratic presidential candidate, at a campaign speech in Howard Park, Queens in NYC -- the neighborhood home of John Gotti who is his role model and idol.

"And -- as soon as I'm elected we are going to start blowing up a Mosque every time they blow up some innocent children -- and a sqadron of f22's will zoom in behind the bombers and drop napalm mixed with pig blood over the whole area -- just so no one thinks they are going to Paradise." (they better get all their Virgin fucking done in their local shitholes here on earth).)

He concluded; "And when these faggots get the message that they ain't dealing with the liberal queers in congress any more -- and that we really ARE fucking Satan -- all this shit will quiet down!"

"And then we can start doin Business!"