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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Preacher Calls Pope a Chickenshit

Pat Robertson said in church today ; " The Pope came out and took a principled shot at Islam's propensity to inspire violence among Muslim adherents -- he admonished their leaders for standing by while aimless slaughter engulfed the Arab Middle East.'

"The Extremist Muslims rioted like a bunch of murderous Monkey's ,which they are (sorry Monkeys) and the Church ran away like scared rabbits."

'The Pope just stands idly bye as the slaughter of innocents continues and moderate Muslim leaders (an Oxymoron) ,scared shitless of their respective "streets" do nothing,while the Fanatics scream for more blood" in the name of Allah."

"The Pope is a chickenshit and a disgrace to the principles of Christianity -- the Church stood bye while the Nazis perptrated a Holocaust -- it's just more of the same."