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Monday, February 19, 2007

Trump proposes Palestinian Pleasure Zone

The Donald has come out with a revolutionary solution to the "PalestinianProblem". he announced today that; " Let's face it the Moslems need a place to let off some steam and the Palestinians need some dinero real fast!"

"I propose turning the West Bank into the Las Vegas of the Middle East!" - " Jobs -- unlimited money -- an outlet for people who won't have to blow themselves apart to get into Paradise (no Virgins but real pros heh heh) -- and tons of cash for the Palestinian leaders to extort and steal and waste (the one thing they are great at)."

We can send a delegation of American Indian Tribal Chiefs (you know the tribal/ caveman thing that the Arabs love ) over there with a trillion bucks to get everything going and Voila! -- peace with the Jews --- prosperity -- and "Mellow Muslims" -- a first for fourteen hundred years."

"!Cash -- hookers -- gambling -- shows -- drugs and booze -- works every time!"

"Lucky seven -- pay the little lady in the see though Burkah!"