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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving - It May Very Well Be Our Last

The Pilgrims were a bunch of religious fanatics and intolerant wackos whose principles and values we have spent over four hundred years trying to overcome .

The current crop of religious wackos is still at the table - spouting their intolerance and superstitious pipe dreams, like the mean spirited ignorant witch doctors -which they are.

Most Americans work like dogs fifty weeks a year so they can go shopping for crap and maybe get some down time and the kind of natural bliss that the Indians enjoyed 24/7.(before we slaughtered em and turned their culture into a gambling casino).

The planet is becoming a dump - one billion people live on less than a dollar a day and another one billion are food and water deprived -and the perpetual tribal killing machines that we human primates are, now have ubiquitous weapons of mass destruction (tick- tick -tick).

And - we human apes have now given birth to a deadly virus for which there is no immunity and no escape - religous fanaticks who worship death - who have access to weapons of mass destruction.

The perfect storm has blown across the land -- a cyclone of tribal hatred and nihilism - with no end in sight except - THE END!

So get up early, pop a prozac, and get on over to Walmart and buy some more "stuff," as George Carlin used to say -- and :

Happy Thanksgiving!