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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Bill Richardson Just Loves To Kill Animals

Yep -this cherubic presidential candidate who likes to come across as an avuncular mix of Will Rogers and Mark Twain, when he's in a national TV debate -- just loves to tell his downhome redneck audiences that he is the only presidential candidate who loves to hunt and is a card carrying member of the NRA.

He's your chubby uncle Billie when he's on the national stage -- but out there in shit-for brains-land he reverts to his gun totin animal killin nature.

I was hoping that some pimply faced You Tuber would have asked him; "Hey Bill - why do you get so stoked on shooting some beautiful wild creature with a high powered rifle -- clearly you haven't missed any meals lately - is it that short dick complex thing?"

Well, i can think of a lot of things that the world could use right now -- but another asshole who likes to sit in his den oiling up his Winchester whilst dreaming of a high caliber slug ripping it's way into some animal nibbling on some berries - ain't one of them.

Actually -- i would like to see Bill Richardson's asshole impaled on the horns of an Antelope out there in New Mexico - where God willing he will remain.