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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama's Ratings Plunge After Crybaby Speech

Trying to emulate Winston Churchill with a speech that asked us all to man the barricades against the doom and utter gloom and forces of destruction at our doorsteps landed on mostly deaf ears because while a ton of people are in a financial shithole:

We are not in the midst of a blitkreig or even a plain old blitz - running for cover as the bombs annihilate our neighbors and neighborhood.

That will probably come later but for now "Hey my fellow Americans - i know many of you are having severe money problems - but it's only money - i mean it's not like bad x rays - wer'e gonna fix this - so buck up and cut down as best you can - and eat a lot of governmentcheese ."

Would have sufficed! - I mean the average American listening to Obama's histrionics yesterday would have been more uplifted by reading Cormac McCarthy's latest novel - or watching "Mad Max Superdome"

Anyway - his numbers dropped from a positive 72 percent down to a 61 - and at that rate folks will be crying for the calm strength and ballsy leadership of Bush/Cheney before the years out.

I mean - it's only money - what a pussy - keep your powder dry Obama!

Your'e gonna need it!

When the shit really hits the fan!