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Thursday, January 22, 2009

People In Texas Have Smaller Brains - Study Proves

The chairman of the Texas school board, Dr. Don McLeroy, a dentist, pushed in 2003 for a more skeptical version of evolution to be presented in the state’s textbooks, but could not get a majority to vote with him. Dr. McLeroy has said he does not believe in Darwin’s theory and thinks that Earth’s appearance is a recent geologic event, thousands of years old, not 4.5 billion as scientists contend.

"Texan's voted for this jerk to run their schools! -They have the highest number of execution convictions overturned by the Supreme Court - The highest number of executions - the most guns per capita - the most animal killers (hunters) - the most smokers and obesity cases per capita -the most cases of domestic violence and rape and forced sodomy in the nation - the highest rate of alcoholism and drug addiction - the most "in-closet" numbers of homosexuals - the highest number of felons per capita and cases of hate crimes - they lead the world in arson and murder and felony assaults per capita - and they have the most Christian Fundamendalists and churchgoers of any other state. - and more prescriptions for mental illness problems are prescribed than anywhere on earth - and they have the lowest reading and math scores in America - and they have the lowest number of Jews per capita."

So said Dr. Moishe pipick of the World Research Foundation who concluded:

'There is obviously something in the Texan culture that inhibits normal brain functioning. -- Genetically speaking - these folks are not all there!"