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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Giselle Bundchen Tells Of Sex With Newt Gingrich

"I always thought he was so smart and so cute" said Giselle "He looks like porky pig -and when i was a kid on the farm in Germany we had a lot of pigs - and i remember my father would drink too much shnaptze and beer and he was always trying to fuck them."

"My momma would yell!" - Heinrich! - Stop trying to fuck the pigs! -it's not a good lesson for the kinder!"

Giselle continued;" But i always had a fondness for guys that looked like pigs after those childhood experiences - and this newt Gingrich! -Oh mine gott -he's a REAL pig!"

"Anyway i met him at a dinner reunion for Third Reich alumni and we went to his hotel suite -And when i took my top off - he blew his cookies (as you say in America?) - And then i tried to get his little piggy wiggly going again - but no success"

"He was very drunk and he was crying - "Oh my fuhrer why can't you be with us now - we need you so much - the schvartzeh is screwing it all up"

Giselle concluded; "I think the poor porker is very upset about all the things President Obama is achieving and how much everyone loves and admires him"

"And me too! -But i wouldn't fuck him because he's too handsome - but definitely i would fuck Hillary!"