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Friday, June 05, 2009

The Speech Obama SHOULD Have Made To Muslims

"I'd like to make a few key points today -my Muslim friends."

First - For over sixty years now - the Palestinians have achieved zero progress as a society. -Their beloved leader -Yasir Arafat - stole all their money and sponsored viscious ongoing terrorist attacks against innocent civilians - he was uglier than a turnip and smelled like old cat litter -and had an IQ of eighty five -and this was the Palestinians face in the world congress?

They created no viable government or political institutions of any kind - (they are still divided and killing each other) - and their approach to economic growth was to sit in their homes and tents and kvetch and steal each other blind. (the Yids arrived and cleared the stinking swamps and created a thriving modern democratric society within twenty years -and helped the Brits fight the Turks - you folks and Hitler at the same time)

Oh = and all that foreign aid we gave them was needed to stop the entire fucking Arab world fron trying to wipe them out with four illegal wars.

Second - you(Islam) has not achieved shit since your Golden Era which ended around one thousand years ago -- to the world's great relief - as they would no longer be put to death or converted to Islam by the sword -by rampaging Muslim armies - led by the same kind of nut cases that are slaughtering innocent folks today.

Third - A lot of you fucking morons think that Egypt and Saudi Aabia are ruled by viscious tyrants. Well - at least they have toilet paper and running water and electricity - and if they were nice guys - the fascist fanatical Mullahs in their societies would turn their poor ignorant masses into Koranic Killing Machines - which those Mullahs are very good at - As a matter of fact - it's ALL they're fucking good at.

Fourth - We, in the west, saved the skins of millions of Muslims in the Balkans and in Kuwait - and freed the Shiites in Iraq - and tried to convince the Russians to stop slaughtering all your brethren in Chechnya -and gave billions in aid to your brothers and sisters in Indonesia and you all haven't said shit about any of that -it's all about the Jews and fucking envy and false pride.

Fifth - All of your Political and Religious leaders (an oxymoron) are as tight lipped as the Pope when it comes to decrying senseless slaughter! Slaughter that is perpetrated against YOU --AND YOUR OWN PEOPLE by these fucking fanatics in the name of Islam and the Koran. -Your leaders have what we say in Chicago -"No Grapes" (balls)

Sixth - You hate one another! - Shiites and Sunnis have been slaughtering one another for fouteen hundred years over some bullshit about who should have taken over from Mohammad. -And can you possibly imagine what kind of ignorant fucking assholes he thinks you are for slaughtering each other - over such trivial bullshit. - Hell -- even the Catholics and Protestants are mostly over that horseshit - and they are pretty fucking ignorant people too.

Seventh - Listen Up about Iran - because it;s really quite simple! =We are never going to allow folks who think that when you kill an Infidel - and when you blow yourself up in the process - that you will awaken in a pool full of Virgins who will be sucking on your cock - AND you will live forever in this Paradise:


Honestly - i would rather give Bo a nuclear pull toy!

"Look - i could go on and on - but iv'e probably said way too much -and been way too candid with you Muslims here today - but - i promised everyone that i would open up an honest dialogue with American's and our world neighbors"

"And -i hope i'm off to a good start with ya? -I know I feel a lot better having gotten a few things off my chest with you here in Egypt today."

"Shaloma Alaykum Y'All"