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Saturday, September 19, 2009

WHO has Bill Clinton Been Shtupping Lately?

Aren't you dying to know? -I mean if you're one of those people who thinks he is being faithful to Hil -then there is an 87% chance that your wife is in a motel at this moment with your best friend.

Hey -I LOVE Wiliie - He was a great president and a super guy and is doing wonderful work on behalf of humanity as we speak

But - he is also -as we speak - getting great head and shtupped silly -on a regular basis - from some of the hottest women on Earth!.

What's that you say? - he wouldn't do that to Hil? - Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahhaha!

Hhahahahahah -Oh my god - Hil would rather have some nice fresh brush in her teeth than Bill's crookedy weeny anyday -And as long as he doesn't embarass her or Chelsea - it's totally cool with Hil.

They adore and respect each other - but wake up and smell the roses - Bill is out there humping and thumping his way across the globe like some randy rabbit -and LOVIN it!

C'mon Bill - give us a clue! You are the coolest pol that ever lived - just a little bitty clue - a taste!