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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fox TV Announces "Balloon Boy"

Fox Reality TV wasted no time in signing up the rights to the "Balloon Boy" Family.

Fox Television president Herb Schlockwinder announced today:

'Hey we know a great reality opportunity when we see one and this "Balloon Boy" family has got it all!"

He continued: "I mean they are dysfunctional (in a sweet way) - totally sociopathic - and are convinced that kids were put on earth to be exploited - I mean -It's ALL there!"

Digibandit Hollywood reporter Elise Mandelbaum asked Schlockwinder "What's the show about?"

"Heh! Heh! Heh!" said Schlockwinder -"Hey Elise -you are one pushy Jew! -You know i can't give that away! "But i will say you're looking great today (overheard wispering "Great Tits" to his assistant) -AND - the show will be kinda like 'The Osbournes" meets The Balloon Boy Family"

"Thanks Herb - and their perfect - and i would rather have a leper touch them than you!"

"BBBBBBBBut Elise c'mon -hey come back here (overheard saying "What a tight Jewy Ass") -I'll give you a scoop!" - says Schlockwinder.

Fox IS Reality!