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Friday, July 13, 2012

Mormon's Have Best Conversion Story -Jews Have The Worst

The Mormons are converting wide eyed believers all over the Globe -Yep the poor illiterate third world folks are eating up the Moronic tale concocted by their snake oil salesman founder Joe (the cousin humper) Smith like candy. -They are the fastest growing religion  which only proves:

 That  the Christians had a great thing going with Christ and redemption BUT -you add some Golden Tablets and Indian Tribes to the mix and wealthy scrubbed  Mormon Missionary kids like young Mitt Romney with all that zeal oozing out of their stupified faces and those shiny shoes - and wammo!

Now as far as converting wide eyed indiginous sinners The Jews come in last for three reasons:

One -they don't want you -they are the chosen people
two - too many rules and you have to be able to read and reason
three- no heaven

Now as far as the Ism's are concerned Buddhism and Hinduism and Taoism -they did well in the East where real "Spirituality" resides BUT while you they were focusing on Dharma and Karma and Enlightenment and The Eight Fold Path -along comes the crazy Japs and Chinks and Gooks and steals all their shit which sets them back (and mostly they just don't give a shit because they have found their inner unconditioned consciousness -so fuck everything else!)

Now -The Muslims had EVERYTHING for a long time:

One - Redemption and Eternal Paradise and you don't have to read anything
two -unlimited hot pussy in Paradise
three - you convert or they fucking cut off your head

BUT - well - how's that working out for them now?

Yep -The Future belongs to The Mormons which is pretty fucking bleak - BUT -at least you get to fuck your sisters and brothers in a pinch.