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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fox Tv Announces "Home GivAway" starring Hugo Chavez

 Fox TV president Myron Shlocknell announced today from Venezuela:

"We at Fox TV know a good TV idea when we see it -and Hugo Chavez has come up with a real hit -and we look forward to him hosting the American version for Fox TV"

EJIDO, Venezuela — Every Thursday, the state-run television channel here presents a live national broadcast of what might be called “Extreme Home Makeover: Socialist Edition.” It is part reality TV, part game show and part full-throated campaign rally.

The programming features top aides to President Hugo Chávez handing over new apartments and houses to down-on-their-luck Venezuelans, who respond with telegenic tears and expressions of gratitude to Mr. Chávez, who is running for re-election.
“I want to send a message to all the people in shelters, to have faith and keep up hope,” said Ramón Rondón, 64, on a recent broadcast, standing in the kitchen of his new apartment in a government-built development called El Cobre. A white-haired pro-Chávez activist, Mr. Rondón added, “This is a victory of the revolution.”
A short time later, Mr. Rondón’s wife, María Monsalvi, 54, relaxed in a new armchair, part of the furniture, including a sofa, beds, a kitchen table and chairs, provided by the government. Above Ms. Monsalvi’s head was a photo of Mr. Chávez hung by the show’s producers. Because her apartment was featured on television, she was given a deluxe “presidential line” of furnishings. She marveled at her good fortune after losing her home in a mudslide and then spending a year in a cramped shelter. “I felt like I won the lottery,” she said. 

He concluded: "And  'Average Housewife' Anne Romney has agreed to provide every winner with free Drissage lessons"