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Thursday, November 01, 2012

"American Bible Challenge" contestants should be Sterilized

 Now watch this and tell me that these people should be allowed to breed


 Every contestant on this show should be taken to a mental institution and chained to a wall and kept sedated for the rest of their lives - their guns should be confiscated -their farm animals sent for rehabilitation from sexual abuse - and their children put in re-education homes if it's not too late for them. 

 Casting Call: In November and December, GSN will host a nationwide search for contestants for its original series, The American Bible Challenge hosted by Jeff Foxworthy. We are looking for mental midgets and brainwashed zealots who have spent their lives memorizing a book that was put together by bronze age nomads as their creation myth.

Contestants must have a BMI of over 146 and be able to make their eyes glow and have that special 'Price is Right"kinda moronic enthusiasm for crap.   

The second season of the show will premiere in 2013.  Casting session are presently underway in Los Angeles through December 1 and will also visit Memphis on November 15; Nashville and Detroit on November 17; and Atlanta and Dallas on December 1.  Produced by RelativityREAL, additional casting information and applications for season two can be found at GSNTV.com, call323.860.6703 or send an email to: biblechallenge2012@gmail.com for further instructions on how to apply.