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Saturday, December 01, 2012

wish i Could Write like Gail Collins of The NY Times

   Here's an excerpt fom her commentary today about the Obama/Romney lunch: - "Romney said nothing whatsoever about the invitation. Perhaps he’s reflected on his gifts for spontaneous comment since he told donors that Obama had won the votes of college-age women by offering them free contraceptives. Maybe he has decided never to speak in public again. But you do have to give him points for showing up for the lunch. He cannot be in a good mood. His lifetime dream is rubble. He got 47 percent of the vote. He’s working out of his kid’s office. Chris Christie is the most popular person in the nation.
As Romney’s SUV approached the White House grounds, police stopped a man who tried to reach for the car yelling “Mitt! Mitt!” It wasn’t clear what he had in mind. Perhaps he was an angry dog lover who still hasn’t gotten over the fact that Romney once drove to Canada with an Irish setter strapped to the car roof. Perhaps he was a disappointed fan, eager to discuss the Tea Party’s clever plan to resuscitate the Romney presidency by organizing a boycott of the Electoral College." 

Now that is brilliant satire spiked with ironic insight and humor - BUT - here's what i would have said :

That phoney pampered sore loser scumbag had an opportunity to say something profound and dignified and to help promote compromise and legislative progress BUT just like most American's figured out over the course of the campaign - Romney is a fucking power hungry asshole -pure and simple -and American's are the best asshole detectors on the planet!"