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Friday, January 25, 2013

Manti Te'o - Hawaiian Jerk - In love with a Doggy Image

I mean if you are stupid enough to fall for an online image try something like this hottie above -not this dog below who he never even fucked

She's the face behind the Notre Dame hoax - Diane O’Meara said her online pictures were used to create a woman who never existed - Lennay Kekua.
Kekua was the woman who Notre Dame football star Manti Te'o said for months--he was in love with.
During his run for the Heisman trophy, Te'o spoke openly of his girlfriend who he says died of leukemia the same day he lost his grandmother.
A story he shared with the nation for months.
But last week the story broke.
Kekua never existed and Te'o said he's the victim of an elaborate hoax.

 Hawaiians are not the smartest nuts in the Forest
He now admits never met Kekua, only communicated with her online and over the phone.
Diane O’Meara said identity was stolen and Kekua was created by a man.
Roniaiah Tuiasosopo and O’Meara went to high school together and were Facebook friends.
Tuiasosopo has avoided the press and declined to comment.
O’Meara said she has no idea why her pictures were used in the so-called hoax.