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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Gun Wackos Are on The Run - Keep These Morons Running This Time Around!


 Read the ignorant false information put out by the gun loonies above and you will know that these are very fucked up people -it's as simple as that -these are just frustrated men who need to get laid and get a life beyond the adoration of their power tools with bullets.

Noone is taking away  guns for hunting and self defense -just reasonable controls over the ridiculous gun cult extremists - staunching the availability of unecessary firepower which only makes sense for slaughter -  and making sure that mentals can't buy ammo or guns.

That makes sense to any normal human being but not to the gun nuts which only proves what a bunch of wackos we have running around with weapons who are one sandwich light of a picnic .


Some will urge you to “compromise,” perhaps even the National Rifle Association. The many thousands of gun rights supporters represented by the Coalition, however, regard “compromise,” as our opposition defines it, to be a process in which we lose slightly fewer of our rights than under the original proposal. Consequently, any legislation which registers or bans firearms; limits magazine capacity; registers private transactions through NICS; or restricts time, place or manner of self-defense is unacceptable.
Members of Congress who support gun owners by opposing all gun control will, in turn, benefit from support by Coalition organizations. Members of Congress who support gun control by any means, procedural or substantive, will be targeted for defeat by Coalition members. They will be subject to picketing, leaflet drops at events in their districts, phone and mail campaigns, and political action committee opposition. NRA ratings and endorsements will have no impact on Coalition actions.
In coming weeks, we look forward to working with you to reduce school violence by allowing lawful citizens in schools and elsewhere to defend themselves against violent predators.
The National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban