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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Putin may be right about our shit culture!

America is a country with at least 35% of it's citizens completely dependent on drugs and or booze - mostly ignorant angry christians who spend 40% of their lives in front of a screen -shit parents -pampered and undirected and unmentored children on adderall -25% of the entire population suffering from a recognized mental illness - resources controlled and restricted by the top one % AND drowning in GUNS with not even minimal intelligent and reasonable controls. on them.

Dylann Roof

The only reason we manage to exist is because of the 20% of the people who have prospered on a humanitarian and intellectual level and/or creative level who  enrich and stabilize our society, which is in  a serious state of deterioration, with their talent and energy and good will!

These folks are so far from the backwardness of muchof America today that it is truly scary!