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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Something for EVERYONE in New Fall TV Programs! -TV Get's Better and Better!

“Christians Gone Bad” - Serves up stories of former devoted Fundamentalists who become Hasidic Jews and kill and torture Altar boys.
“Til Death Do Polacks Part" - Explores stories of Polish divorce that end in murder led by psychotherapist and relationship expert, Dr. Hanns Chryszxlmnsnsky and forensic psychologist and attorney, Dr.Igor Moronowsky .
“Wives With Knives” - Showcases stories of women who fought back and cut of the dicks and balls of their husbands - motivated by years of abuse or by greed and jealousy.
“Pretty Bad Amish Girls” - Is a true-crime series profiling sexy female Amish woman who cheat, steal and kill and have sex with barn animals.
“Cold Venereal Disease Cases” - Delves into unsolved homicide cases caused by venereal disease as they are reopened.
“Dangerous Hasidick Jews” - Relates true tales of religious Jews who were manipulated into committing horrible sex crimes by shiksas.
“Who The Fuck Is That...”- Is a spin-off of the network's series Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry? with this new series going deeper into relationships between friends, co-workers, family members and more telling the truth about people leading double lives and killing and eating their neighbors and children.
“Homo Murder In Paradise” -- Follows the stories of happy homo couples whose vacations in paradise end in violence and then Homo lynchings by the locals.